Tamagotchi Connexions

Tamagotchi Connexions Version 2 are here!

Tamagotchi Connexions have arrived!

Tamagotchi Connexions

Tamagotchi Connexions are portable interactive devices that need "parenting" in order to grow and develop. Unlike the original Tamagotchi originally released in the late 1990s, Tamagotchi Connexions feature built-in infrared communications that allow Tamagotchi Connexion pets to communicate with other Tamagotchi Connexions nearby.

Tamagotchi Connexions feature a number of other enhancements when compared with the original Tamagotchi. Higher quality screen displays and circuitry allow for smooth movement, sophisticated graphics, character movements, multiple virtual pet life events and more!

That sounds... BORING!
What's the big fuss over the new Tamagotchi Connexion?

OK... Let's skip the boring "official" details and cut to the really cool part... Tamagotchi Connexions are virtual pets. You carry your pet around and care for it throughout the day. Your Tamagotchi pet will interact with you and play as it grows. Your Tamagotchi Connexion will depend on you for feeding, cleaning, playing and more. Just like a real pet (but not as smelly!). One of the best new features of the new Tamagotchi version is that your Tamagotchi Connexion pets can talk to other pets over a wireless connection. With this connection, your Tamagotchi pets and those of your friends can become friends, exchange gifts, play games, get married and even have babies! Brilliant! Imagine how much fun it will be for both you and your pet to be best friends with your friends and their pets!