BTS Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi Tiny Tan

The Tamagotchi Tiny Tan is a special collaboration between Tamagotchi and the K-pop band BTS, featuring the Tiny Tan band members in a pocket-sized device. This Tamagotchi has a purple design inspired by the “Magic Door,” offering a fun way to interact with the Tiny Tan characters. Here are more details about this adorable device:


Features of the Tamagotchi Tiny Tan:

Inspired Design of the “Magic Door”:

The design of the Purple Nano Tamagotchi is inspired by the “Magic Door,” a reference to the Tiny Tan story. Its compact size makes it perfect for carrying as a keychain, ensuring that you always have your Tiny Tan characters with you.

Interactive Games of the BTS Tamagotchi

Interactive Games:

Although it is simpler compared to classic Tamagotchis, the Tiny Tan Tamagotchi offers two mini-games to play with the Tiny Tan characters. These games include dancing to the rhythm of “Dynamite” and making custard tart cakes. The way you play and the time you spend with the characters will affect their appearance and style.

Character Care

Character Care:

In this Tamagotchi, you can care for the Tiny Tan members by feeding them two different types of food and playing two different games with them. Although the care is less complex than in other Tamagotchis, the main focus is to enjoy the visual experience of interacting with the characters.

Changes in Appearance

Changes in Appearance: The actions you take with the characters

and how you interact with them will influence their appearance. They can change their wardrobe and hairstyle based on your interactions.

User Reviews:

Some buyers have noted that this Tiny Tan Tamagotchi is low-maintenance compared to other Tamagotchi models, focusing more on the visual experience of seeing the Tiny Tan characters in their pixelated form. They also mention that the buttons can be a bit challenging to use, especially in time-based games.

Recommended Age:

This Tamagotchi is recommended for children ages 8 and up and is an excellent choice for BTS fans looking to collect items related to the band.

Availability: It was released on October 3, 2022, and is available in purple.

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