Dead Tamagotchi

Hello, virtual pet enthusiasts. I’ve taken the time to compose the following article to address the question: Why does my Tamagotchi die after 3 days? The answer is quite simple: You’re not providing the necessary care! I’ll share some guidelines to ensure your Tamagotchi lives a good number of years on Earth, as it’s inevitable for it to bid farewell and return to its Gotchi planet, where it belongs.

How to prevent your Tamagotchi character from dying after 3 days.

Tamagotchi Dead
Tamagotchi Dead
  • Play and socialize with your Virtual Pet: This is crucial as it will elevate its Happiness level.
  • Check the hunger and happiness status of your Tamagotchi: There are a total of 4 hearts on the ‘Happy’ and ‘Hungry’ screens, and they start off empty. The more hearts you fill, the more satisfied your Tamagotchi character will be.
  • Discipline your Pet if: It beeps even when full, doesn’t eat when hungry, or doesn’t play when not very happy.
  • Check its age and weight: Verify your character’s age and weight to ensure you’re doing well.

What is the lifespan of a Tamagotchi?

Yo, check it out! A day on Earth equals a year for your Tamagotchi. It’s gonna go through some appearance changes before hitting its grown-up vibe. The shape, personality, and life it leads are all on you and your care game.

Wanna know if you’ve been the ultimate Tamagotchi caretaker? Well, look no further ’cause here’s the guide!

Your Tamagotchi’s lifespan? It’s all in your hands, fam. Check out this guide to understand how your Tamagotchi’s years match up with your caregiving skills:

Care Assessment:

Age RangeEvaluation
06 – 10 YEARSNeeds Improvement
11 – 16 YEARSGood Job
17 – 21 YEARSExcellent
23+ YEARSIncredible!
What is the lifespan of a Tamagotchi?
  • Less than 10 years:
    • Evaluation: Room for improvement.
    • Comment: Your Tamagotchi could benefit from more attentive care.
  • 11 to 16 years:
    • Evaluation: Good job.
    • Comment: You’ve provided good care, but there’s always room for improvement.
  • 17 to 21 years:
    • Evaluation: Excellent.
    • Comment: Your Tamagotchi has enjoyed a fulfilling life thanks to your constant attention.
  • 23 years or more:
    • Evaluation: Incredible!
    • Comment: You’ve proven to be an exceptional caregiver, ensuring an extraordinary life for your Tamagotchi.

Remember, every action counts. Take good care of your Tamagotchi and make sure it has an amazing life!

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