Grogu Tamagotchi

  • Feed him squid or desserts to keep him happy.
  • Care for him while he sleeps to prevent abductions.
  • His appearance changes based on the care you provide.
  • Unlock 3 secret looks.
  • Enjoy 3 mini-games and more to discover.
  • Powered by 2 included LR44 batteries.
4/5Overall Score

Technical Summary:

The Grogu Tamagotchi is an interactive device that lets you care for Grogu, the famous Star Wars character. Feed him, play with him, and maintain his happiness and health. It comes with various mini-games and appearance options. Perfect for Star Wars fans and collectors."

  • Perfect for Star Wars and Grogu fans.:
  • Requires regular attention to keep him happy.:
  • Limited collector's edition.: Nisl pretium
  • Care for and entertain your own Grogu.
  • Variety of games and looks to discover.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Limited features compared to other devices.
  • Instructions can be confusing.
  • Requires regular care to prevent issues.

The Grogu Tamagotchi allows you to care for and feed your own Star Wars Grogu, with feeding, bathing, and interactive games features.

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