How to recharge the batteries of the Tamagotchi Uni.

Charging the device

When the low-battery screen appears (see below), please charge your Tamagotchi device. Also, remember to remove your Tamagotchi device from your wrist before charging

First, remove the band from the device

Insert the USB Type-C end of the provided charging cable into the charging port on the bottom of the device

Insert the other end of the cable into your computer’s USB port.
*Charging requires a computer or a valid USB power adapter.

USB Power

When charging is complete, unplug the charging cable immediately. If the ‘Charging’ screen does not appear on-screen during charging, or if the ‘Charging complete!’ screen doesn’t appear after 2 hours of charging, unplug the charging cable and stop using the device immediately. Charging may not occur properly in temperatures of 5°C or lower.

Tamagotchi Uni Battery Status

If this screen appears, please charge the device

The battery status is shown on-screen when you insert the cable

Battery Display
Battery Display

Check the charging status with the battery display on the clock screen (=> SECTION 14 VIEWING SCREENS: HOLD A BUTTON ON THE STANDBY SCREEN).

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