Virtual pets for kids

It’s no secret that electronic devices capture the attention of our little ones, but giving with awareness is the duty of a responsible adult. In this opportunity, we will analyze the best virtual pets to gift to a boy or girl.

We will examine their features, mini-games, size, screen, and connectivity. By the end of this article, you will know which virtual pet is the most suitable to gift to that special child.

Virtual pet for boys.

First and foremost, we’ll mention virtual pets from the 90s, with the most famous being the first-generation Tamagotchi.

Virtual pet for boys

These adorable virtual pets have the same characteristics as the originals from the 90s, but with software improvements that make them even more appealing by introducing enhancements such as:

  • Mini-games.
  • More characters.
  • Increased interaction with the characters.
  • Character evolution based on the care they receive.

It’s important to note that they are the simplest and most budget-friendly option on the market. However, you shouldn’t underestimate them for this reason. They have the advantage of being very small, and children can carry them as keychains or decorative accessories on their school backpacks.

Tamagotchi bandai Virtual pet for boys

Tamagotchi Original – Black

$ 41 .00

Original, Multicolor, Black and White Virtual Pet.

  • Play mini-games with your Tamagotchi.
  • Discipline it to prevent misbehavior.
  • Take care of it when it’s sick. Feed it with its favorite meals.

The Tamagotchi Gen 1 with the best reviews on Amazon.

Tamagotchi blue

Tamagotchi Original – Blue with Silver

$ 19 .99

Color: Blue With Silver

  • Brand: Tamagotchi
  • Age Range 8+
  • Package inclusion threeCustomer Reviews 4.5
Star Wars - Grogu Tamagotchi Blue ver

Star Wars – Grogu Tamagotchi

$ 14 .49

Grogu Tamagotchi nano

  • Size: Grogu Tamagotchi nano
  • Color: Grogu Blue Ver.
  • Brand: Tamagotchi
  • Theme: Movie, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Virtual pet games for girls.

Our girls are typically more challenging to surprise, so straightforward options like the Tamagotchi Gen 1 may not be enough. We’ve considered this and offer the most sophisticated and advanced models. Some of their features include:

Virtual pets for girls:
Let’s analyze the Tamagotchis that girls love.

  • Camera.
  • Accessories.
  • Wifi.
  • Play online with other Tamagotchi virtual pets.
  • Tamaverse.
  • Full color screen.

The Top 3 Virtual Pets for Girls

First on the list is the Tamagotchi Uni, as it’s the most modern and addresses all the shortcomings of its predecessors. Believe me when I tell you that you won’t get bored with this virtual pet. It features all the classic Tamagotchi characters that you’ll need to unlock, as well as new generations to play and have fun with.

Tamagotchi Uni

Tamagotchi Uni – Purple

$ 59 .99

Subtitle for This Block

  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: Tamagotchi
  • Controller Type: Button Control

Top 2 List of the Best Virtual Pets for Her

In second place, we have the Tamagotchi Pix Party. This adorable Tama comes with several improvements compared to the original Tamagotchi Pix, which could become monotonous over time. It has implemented enhancements such as:

  • The ability to connect with other Tamagotchi Pix Party devices and have your characters marry someone else’s to create a new generation.
  • Download accessories.
  • Create your own accessories.
  • A wider variety of mini-games.
  • Play mini-games online with other Tamagotchis.
Tamagotchi pix party

Tamagotchi Pix Party

$ 38 .00

Tamagotchi Pix – Party (Confetti), Confetti (Pink)

  • Color: Confetti (Pink)
  • Brand: Tamagotchi
  • Age Range: 6

The 3 best virtual pets for girls.

In the TOP 3, but no less important, we have the Tamagotchi Nano.

This Tamagotchi is a classic from the 90s with software improvements while retaining its aesthetics and originality. It’s a true classic, perfect for using as a keychain, attaching to a backpack as a decoration, or wearing as a pendant around the neck. Depending on its theme, it comes with built-in games. Although there are many themes available, I’ll present you with the one featuring our adorable Hello Kitty Tamagotchi.

Special Collector's Edition Hello Kitty Tamagotchi

Hello Kitty Tamagotchi

$ 21 .49

Tamagotchi Hello Kitty, Favorite Things

  • Brand:Tamagotchi
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Theme: Cartoon

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